Create a Website

Your website will contain a list of members, competitions, events, news, roles, and images. You will be able to customize its appearance and add content once you have setup the initial website.

The creation and use of the Visual Pursuits websites will take you a few minutes due to the number of options that you might set. The process includes defining or importing competition definitions and member lists.

Your new website will be configured with a 60 day free standard subscription to allow you to evaluate its capabilities. If you do not subscribe by the end of the trial period, the subscription will be converted to a free subscription. A free subscription will place ads on your website and disable some features.

If you would like to trial our premium subscription, please contact us using the Help menu and the Support Request page. A premium subscription allows customizing more webpages and allows website judging.

A free website will be automatically deleted if it is inactive for 90 days.

Please follow the steps below to create and setup your new website. Please do not create more than one website for your organization.

  1. Before starting, you are strongly encouraged to watch the video presentations on configuring your website. You can access the videos and other useful material by using the Help menu on this website or on your new website.
  2. Use the link below to start creating your new website. You may use an existing Login Name if you are managing multiple organizations, otherwise you will create a new account to be used to manage your organization.
  3. A Login Name and password will be e-mailed to you if you did not specify an existing account. You will be the only user on the website and you have the role of Administrator. This role allows you to change everything on the website. Other users will be more restricted.
  4. Once your website has been created, use the menu “Administration", "Administrators Only", "Manage Organization Profile”. You can set the basic information and options about your organization on this page.
  5. Use the “Administration", "Manage Addresses” menu. Create an address for your organization.
  6. Addresses are used by “Locations”. A Location defines much more information than an address, but you must define the address first. Use the “Administration", "Manage Locations” menu item to create a Location for your meetings. You might also use Locations for special event locations. You may now specify your meeting location on the Manage Organization Profile page.
  7. If your club is known by multiple names, you might use the “Alias” tab on the Manage Organization Profile page to provide those alternate names. These alias names might help the public find your website. You do not need to specify your “short club name” as an Alias since any "short club name" will be used automatically in searches. A Short Club Name is usually the club abbreviation, such as "PCC" or "N4C".
  8. Use the “Manage Domain Names” menu to indicate how you and your members will access the website. A default has already been set for you.
  9. Use the “Administration", "Manage Club Members” menu item. This will list all of your past and present club members and allow you to set roles, competition levels, and personal information for each member. You may either have each member create their own account or you may use the “Import Member List” button to import a member list.
  10. When a new member creates an account, website Administrators and any Membership Managers will get an e-mail indicating that a new user has created an account. An Administrator or Membership Manager must then go to “Administration", "Manage Members” and approve the membership and set competition levels and roles.
  11. Roles are used to define permissions assigned to members. The roles are described when you click the “Edit Roles” button for a user.
  12. Use the “Competitions", "Manage Competitions", "How to Setup Competitions” menu item. This will guide you through the process of creating competitions.
  13. Create the content for your Home Page by using the menu "Administration", "Manage Web Content".
  14. You have now completed your basic website setup. You may now create competitions using the website.
  15. Download and install the Image Competition Manager program.

Create Website...

More Help

Documentation and training videos area available for the ICM program and your website via the Help tab on the ICM program and Help menu on your website. Our goal is to make this process as easy and as foolproof as possible. Please report any problems to us quickly so we can prevent others from having difficulties.

Use the menu "Help", "Submit a Support Request" from this website if you need assistance creating a website. Once you have a website, use the "Help" menu on that website.

We hope you are happy with our programs and services. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.  

This website is hosted by Visual Pursuits, a service provided by Software Pursuits, Inc.