Disaster Recovery Plan

Ideally, the Visual Pursuits websites would be hosted in a cloud service. Those services have independent power supplies, but still go down with hurricanes on occasion. Unfortunately, the fees from our Visual Pursuits customers are not yet sufficient to cover the cost of such as service. We do plan to make that transition in the next couple of years.

Software Pursuits’ primary products are file synchronizing and archiving, so we are keenly aware of disaster recovery. Our products are used in thousands of data centers to assist in recovery and uninterrupted operations.

While we do not have backup servers that we can instantly spin up to handle a multi-day outage, we have offsite backups that can be restored anywhere, including cloud services. The volume of data, however, means it would take days to bring up a new system and at a high cost. To keep costs reasonable for our users, we have chosen to not go that route.

In the 15 years of our service, we have never had a multi-day outage. A few hours is the longest duration, and that happens when we move a data center or have a major upgrade. Our California location is not in a place that would typically lose power due to wildfires, floods, or other natural disasters.


This website is hosted by Visual Pursuits, a service provided by Software Pursuits, Inc.