Disaster Recovery Plan

Visual Pursuits websites are hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud service. This service as independent power supplies and high speed Internet connections. Only a regional disaster would take down the websites.

Software Pursuits’ primary products are file synchronizing and archiving, so we are keenly aware of disaster recovery. Our products are used in thousands of data centers to assist in recovery and uninterrupted operations.

We have continuous backups of your data to allow recovery if files are damaged or lost. While backups are available, it is often less work to re-upload a file, if that is all that is wrong.

A regional disaster that requires bringing up a new server might take a day or so. We would assess if it is better to wait for the problem region to recover or if we should activate a new server. While having stand-by servers available is possible, it would double the cost of your subscriptions so we elected a slower recovery from a regional disaster. 

This website is hosted by Visual Pursuits, a service provided by Software Pursuits, Inc.