Subscription Plans

Usage of a Visual Pursuits website for your organization and the Image Competition Manager program are provided under a subscription license. Different subscription plans are available including a FREE plan.

When you initially create a website, you will have a 60 day free standard subscription so you can evaluate the service. If you do not subscribe at that time it will convert to a FREE subscription described bellow. Inactive accounts are automatically deleted after 90 days. Premium trial subscriptions are available by sending a Support Request via the Help menu on your website.

A FREE subscription will provide a website that will display some advertisements on certain pages and will have other limitations. The table below compares the features available for the different subscription plans.

Feature FREE Plan Standard Subscription Premium Subscription
Use of the Image Competition Manager (ICM) Program Check Check Check
Use of Website Check Check Check
Ads appear on Website Check    
Upload and Download Images Check Check Check
Manage Membership and Roles Check Check Check
Manage Competitions Check Check Check
Display Competition Results Check Check Check
Manage Events and Website Calendar   Check Check
E-mail Members   Check Check
Display Photo Galleries   Check Check
Website Document Storage   Check Check
Website and Images Backed Up   Check Check
Maximum Members 30 Varies Varies
Storage Limit 4.0GB Varies Varies
Website Judging     Check
Custom Web Pages     Check
PayPal Buttons     Check
Payments for Events     Check
Payments for Competition Entries     Check
Voting in Discussion Forums     Check
Website Critiques     Check
Voting and Rating Competition Images     Check
Custom Roles and Groups     Check

You may change your subscription plan at any time. A purchased subscription plan will be needed if you need additional storage, need the more advanced features, do not want ads displayed, or if you have more than 30 organization members. Prepaid fees will not be refunded if you downgrade your plan. If you upgrade your plan, you will receive a pro-rated charge for the plan differences to your next plan renewal date.

Note that inactive FREE subscriptions are automatically deleted if there are no user logins for 90 days.

A discount is available for organizations that are members of the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Please visit the PSA Website for information on becoming a member organization.

If you are interested in subscribing or need to change your subscription status, please contact us at or use the Support Request form accessed via the Help menu of your website or from this website.

Subscription Plan Charges

The cost of your subscription is based on the number of competing members in your organization. Competing members can submit images to competitions and galleries. There is no charge for non-competing members.

If your organization is not membership based, such as a camera club council, inter-club competition website, or holds public competitions, an image based subscription is available.

A subscription consists of a base fee plus a charge related to the number of members in your organization or the number of new images uploaded to your website. The Premium Subscription has slightly higher fees. All subscriptions include allowances for the typical number of images uploaded and judged each year. If you exceed those allowances, there are additional charges for the additional images uploaded or judged with website judging.

Subscriptions are available in increments of 25 members.

Plan Charge Formula

All fees are in US Dollars.

  • All plans have a base fee of $53/year. If you are a PSA member organization, your base fee is discounted to $23.
  • Member based subscription fees are $2.18/member/year for a standard subscription and $3.28/member/year for a premium subscription.
  • Image based subscriptions include a base number of new images instead of a member count. These subscriptions have a minimum subscription level of 2000 new images/year.
  • All subscriptions include a number of new image uploads each year. This allocation should accommodate the needs of nearly all organizations. If you exceed your allocation, an additional per image charge will be invoiced of  $0.06 per new image uploaded for a standard subscription and $0.09 per new image uploaded for a premium subscription.
  • Premium subscriptions include website judging and an allocation for the number of images judged each year. If you exceed your allocation, there is an additional charge of $0.08/image for the additional judged images.

Subscription Fee Chart

The table below does not reflect a $30/year discount available for PSA member clubs. Website judging requires a premium subscription.

Max Members New Images/Year Website Judged
Max Storage Standard Fee
US $
Premium Fee
US $
30 1200 1200 24GB $118.40/year $151.40/year
50 2000 2000 40GB $162.00/year $217.00/year
75 3000 3000 60GB $216.50/year $299.00/year
100 4000 4000 80GB $271.00/year $381.00/year
125 5000 5000 100GB $325.50/year $463.00/year
150 6000 6000 120GB $380.00/year $545.00/year
175 7000 7000 140GB $434.50/year $627.00/year
200 8000 8000 160GB $489.00/year $709.00/year
225 9000 9000 180GB $543.50/year $791.00/year
250 10,000 10000 200GB $598.00/year $873.00/year
275 11,000 11000 220GB $652.50/year $955.00/year
300 12,000 12000 240GB $707.00/year $1037.00/year

Subscription Status

You can view your current usage and billing status using your website menu "Administration", "Subscription Status". Payments can be made in US Dollars by sending a check to the address on our invoice or by using a credit card by clicking "Make a Payment" on the "Subscription Status" page.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding our pricing structure.

This website is hosted by Visual Pursuits, a service provided by Software Pursuits, Inc.