Image Competition Manager 3

The Image Competition Manager program is used to handle competition judging and shows while disconnected from the Internet. Data and images are synchronized between your website and this program when an Internet connection is available. Many organization use this program for critique sessions with their members and to perform judging and scoring functions at a meeting.

You must create a Visual Pursuits website before you can use the Image Competition Manager program. If you have not done this yet, use the "Create a Website" menu above to start that process.>.



You must be running Windows 8 or later. Windows XP and Windows 7 are NOT supported.

Unfortunately, Mac's are not directly supported, however you can run Windows on a Mac through the use of the built-in Bootcamp Assistant, the Parallels product, or another virtual machine product.

Other prerequisite software may be downloaded and installed by the ICM installer as needed.

LocalDB Prerequesite

You must install the free Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB product. This is used to store information about your competitions and images on your notebook computer. You will only need to do this once. You do not need to re-install the LocalDB component when you update the ICM program.

You must install LocalDB using the link below before attempting to install the ICM program. Note that the 2012 and 2014 versions of LocalDB are also compatible with the ICM program.  

Click to Install SQL Server 2016 LocalDB. If you have a 32-bit operating system, you will need to use the 32-bit SQL 2012 LocalDB version.

If you used the ICM program prior to March, 2017, you probably have a SQL 2012 LocalDB database, which is not compatible with the 2016 LocalDB software. You are not required to upgrade, but you can get better performance from the 2016 version. To upgrade, delete the ICMData.mdf and ICMData_Log.ldf files from your ICM data folder. Uninstall the SQL 2012 LocalDB product and install the 2016 version. When you start the ICM program again, it will create a new database for you.

Video on Installing the Image Competition Manager

This video demonstrates how to install the program and perform your initial setup of the program. Additional videos are available on how to use the Image Competition Manager program.

Install the Image Competition Manager

Install using Click Once Deployment.

On Windows 8 and later you may get a prompt indicating "Windows Protected your PC". Click "more info..." and "Run Anyway".

Your clock and time zone must be accurate to within 2 minutes or you may fail with a security error. 
Keep your browser page open until your install completes.

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