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It's all about time: Time to manage your organization and its competitions. We have found a way to make these tasks fast, easy, and reliable. At the same time we will make your organization look modern and professional by providing a handsome website to showcase your organization and images.

This was not a small or simple project for us. There are over 350,000 lines of code in this project with over 4 man-years of effort. We have done this to make your life easier. Over 12,000 people in over 200 organizations are using our service, which was introduced in 2005. There are over 900,000 images cataloged into the system in about 50,000 competitions. Members have created over 7000 galleries.

Visual Pursuits provides a website that you can easily customize for your organization. Your website is used to manage your membership, calendar of events, news, documents, and competitions. Your membership and competition information are shared with our Image Competition Manager program, which can display images and competitions while disconnected from the Internet.

The Image Competition Manager may be used at your organization meetings to show images for critiquing, judging, and then to display the competition winners. Images may be submitted via your website or during a competition. When you have an Internet connection you synchronize the data with your website, uploading and downloading images.

When your competitions are complete, the winning images are instantly displayed on your website. It takes only a single button click to make this happen.

We expect you to save hours of labor associated with each of your competitions by handling your membership roster, competition bookkeeping, judging, and shows. If you have annual competitions using your winners throughout the year, all of the competition entries can be made automatically. If you forward images to a council or regional group for an inter-club competition, the process is quick, simple, and error free.


Saves Time
Manage all of your competitions and users in under one hour per month.
Last Minute Submissions
Competition images can be accepted up to the last moment or any amount of time in advance.
Simplifies Record keeping
There is no need for paper records of competitions or members. It is all available instantly and securely from your website.
Eliminates Errors
There is no copying of information or trying to read a member's handwriting. Members enter in and spell check their own titles and images.
Simple Website Creation and Maintenance
You can quickly create an organization website and select various themes to create a variety of presentations. With a Premium Subscription you can customize and add web pages to your site.
Website Judging
With a Premium Subscription, competitions can be judged using the organization's website using one or more judges. The Standard Subscription requires judging to be performed with the supplied Image Competition Manager program.
Website Critiques
With a Premium Subscription, critiques can be assigned to images when using website judging. The text and values set in the critique can be viewed by the image author on the website and by members at a meeting via the Image Competition Manager program.
Voting on Images
Premium subscribers can allow members or the public to vote or rate images in competitions. This is useful if you want to grant a "People's Choice" award.
Low Cost
A FREE subscription will provide all the basic needs for a small club. A Standard Subscription provides the major features for a photo or art club for under $3 per member per year. A Premium Subscription adds more website customizations and Website Judging. Web hosting costs alone will often exceed our charges.


Various affordable subscription plans are available including a FREE plan for small clubs. Trial subscriptions are available to give you a chance to evaluate the service. Use the "Subscriptions" menu item above for additional information.

Councils, Salons, Circuits

Visual Pursuits includes support for multi-organization competitions, international salons and circuits, and competitions of any size. Competition entries can be limited to members or open to the public. Payments can be required for competition entries.

Discounts for PSA Member Clubs

Clubs that are members of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) get special discounts that can completely offset the cost of membership in that organization.

Sample Clubs

Use the links below to visit some existing websites that use the Visual Pursuits service.

Alameda Photographic Society
Boston Camera Club
Brisbane Camera Group
Christchurch Photographic Society
Layfayette Photographic Society
London Camera Club
Ocean County Camera Club
Peninsula Camera Club
Plano Photography Club
Victoria Camera Club    
Villages Camera Club
West Shore Photography Club

Learn More

We strongly encourage your to watch the video presentations on our services.

You may also download a pdf flyer on Visual Pursuits. Read about Software Pursuits.


If you have a trial website, please submit a Support Request from your website using the "Help" menu.

If you do not have a trial website yet and need a question answered, use the "Help" menu on this website and "Submit a Support Request".

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